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Importance of Detroit

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By hyp3rcrav3 414 days ago

To the Barricades!

With the Michigan State Governor appointing an “Emergency Manager” to Detroit, thus nullifying the Democratically elected government of Detroit, it is clear that Fascism is rampant (as if it wasn’t before). Detroit has ten days from 2/28/13 to appeal this decision

A billionairre developer wants to buy Bel Isle, a public park in the Detroit River, and turn it into an Objectivist paradise.

I am of the opinion that his is one of those milestone events that is of utmost importance to Democracy and Liberty. I am fairly certain that if there was a major Occupation and Barricade in Detroit to stand up against Corporatist Fascism it would be extremely well recieved and internationally heard. It could be the spark that reignites Occupy. Barricade around Detroit City Hall or Occupy Belle Isle or both. The national Occupy Movement has 10 days to make this happen.

Michigan to Appoint Emergency Fiscal Manager for Detroit http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/02/us/michigan-appoints-emergency-manager-for-detroit.html

Billionaire Spongers and Tax Dodgers Want to Buy Their Own Randian Paradise near Detroit http://my.firedoglake.com/phoenix/tag/belle-isle/